Poem Two

but then again i only knew the sides of him that he showed me.

i show the good the bad and the ugly.

i’m so open and honest.

it’s hard for me to survive in this dating world with all the ghosts and other monsters.

who are more comfortable behind a keyboard.

than behind the sheets.

and if you ask them what to do with a woman.

they’d rather fuck her.

than date her.

and forget the day where there was a wedding…before the bedding.

that’s shot.

like the last 5 arrows that pierced my heart.

Cupid… you left me bleeding.

they call me their angle, but my wings have been clipped.

i’m falling.

and gravity’s a bitch.

i fall fast and i fall hard .

but by the time i reach the ground, you’re gone.

i wish i were a cat.

not so i could fall on all 4 feet….the bruises sustain me, they remind me of the transgressions made against me, they remind me i’m alive, they remind me that i’m always healing

but instead i wish for the 9 lives of a feline so maybe one day i can forget. 

move on.

no longer be reminded of yesterdays sorrow, and finally live the joys of life’s tomorrow.