Poem one

Farm fresh, gluten free,  

I did it for the identity

Because everybody wants to be

A victim


Women’s rights grow iron clad

Perchance I did it for the fad

So you claim I’m going mad

A victim


I’m a hoax, it’s plain to see

That for a guise I go to therapy

There is no need for further clarity

A victim


It's just some excuse, I don’t want to work

Responsibilities that I can shirk

It’s nonsense to claim that ghosts do lurk

A victim


My words are imbued with apprehension  

So clearly it’s been done for attention

Because every other word I mention

A victim


You are right, called it spot on

Everything I say is wrong

Lies that are drawn out and long

A victim


But if everything you say is true

Then why do these memories stick like glue

Maybe the one who’s wrong is you

A survivor